About GlobalStar

GlobalStar is a truly worldwide travel management organisation, operating in more than 3,500 locations in over 85 countries across the globe. Our combined turnover, in excess of US $14 Billion allows us to drive significant buying power, adding value to your travel programme. Championed by consistent service levels and cohesive solutions around the world, we are the partner of choice.

Our approach delivers an innovative and comprehensive solution for all your travel requirements, allowing you to focus on the success and management of your business. GlobalStar gives you the peace of mind that your travel needs and importantly, the safety and security of your travellers is well taken care of.

With GlobalStar, customers are partnering with an agile and experienced travel management organisation that can create solutions to fit individual needs. GlobalStar delivers service of the highest quality in a multinational environment. We make sure that travellers arrive at their destinations comfortably, securely and with as little stress as is humanly possible.

By pulling together the very best technology with buying power and placing this in the hands of highly skilled, well trained and motivated staff we offer our customers the confidence and trust they seek in their travel management company. Your business is important to us and you can be assured that our people and our resources will be fully committed to adding value to your travel management programme.

Företagsresor is a partner of GlobalStar Travel Management since March 2012 and we are proud been selected to represent GlobalStar in Sweden.

Want to know more?

Would you like to know more about Global Star? Please click on the following link: www.globalstartravel.com

Phone: +46 90 70 29 70